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Derby Masterclass 2
Complete Collection - Online Courses
Derby Masterclass 2

Derby Masterclass


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This 5 day course is an intensive course teaching how to make a pair of solid leather derbys or oxfords.

** Oxford style shoes also available upon request.

Here is what will be covered in this 5 day course:

Day One:
• Footwear Components
• Leather Selection (calf leather)
• Cutting pieces for uppers and linings
• Skyving edges on the skyving machine
• Inserting top line tape
• Folding top lines and piecing together uppers

Day Two:
• Upper construction continued…
• Stitching the uppers (Also known in the footwear industry as “Closing”)

Day Three:
• Preparation of insole pattern
• Cutting leather insoles
• Lasting Lining

Day Four:
• Inserting Stiffeners
• Lasting Uppers
• Cutting soles and heel tips
• Sanding and shaping soles and heel tips on the sanding machine
• Edge dyeing soles and heel tips

Day Five:
• Attaching a stitched randing around the feather edge of the shoes
• Attaching soles using the sole press
• Inserting insole socks
• Finishing touches

DURATION: 5 days – Mon – Fri; 10am – 4pm
LOCATION: Bethnal Green
MATERIALS: Materials Included
COST: £750

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