Suppliers List

Factory For Short Run Shoes in London

Geo Sol Shoes
Tel: 020 8539 0836


Shoe Last Shop
Springline Lasts

Insoles with Shank

TR Lawman


Leather & Grindery


TR Lawman
* The Toe Puff is called (U FILM), The Counter is called (Relion G10).

Logo Stamp

Studio Tone

General Supplies

Glue, Cork Filler, Edge Dye, Foam, Shoemakers Tape, etc
* The non-toxic glue is called Renia, Aquillim and the Extra string glue is called Renia, Colle De Collogne.
* The foam wants to be 2mm thick.


JT Batchelors
* The sole leather we used is a cow hide, called ‘Whisky Shoulder’, you can also use Veg Tan Leather. (2.5mm thick)
Walter Reginald
Upperclass Fashions
GH Leather