Before & After

Here’s how I turned this IKEA SANELA cushion cover (Modeled on my Yoko sofa) into a summer ready pair of pale blue chunky heeled pumps. This project was super fun to say the least and has me wanting to cut up every cushion in my house. First I sacrificed a cushion! I originally had […]

Sandal Making Workshop

What is there to say about this particular workshop… Well let's start with the fact that we had eleven students each with two feet, meaning twenty-two individual sandals! It definitely was a tight squeeze in our little shoe making studio but also it made the atmosphere in the space extra vibrant, fun and full of […]


I CAN MAKE SHOES is a private shoemaking school based in London and has been in operation since the beginning of 2010. The school attracts students from all over the globe and has now expanded offering online courses. I CAN MAKE SHOES teaches an innovative shoe making technique (the I CAN MAKE SHOES technique) which […]