British Council - Social Impact Project

In December 2019 Amanda traveled to the Philippines with The British Council (@phbritish) as part of a social impact project. Amanda teamed up with Unyx, the co-founder of Zapateria Hub (@zapateriahub) and they ran a workshop teaching basic sandal making to young women and girls from local Filipino communities.
They called it ‘We Can Make Shoes’.

The goal was to teach simple shoemaking skills that the participants could share with their respective communities. We hope that these new skills can be used as a way of earning money and providing financial support and creative growth.

Heres what Amanda had to say about the experience:

“I still feel so happy when I look at this first photo! Believe it or not at the start of the day they were all really nervous and shy. By the end of the day, they were beaming with confidence and were truly so proud of what they had made. It’s so easy to forget when you teach every day how much it actually means to the people who are learning. This project was such a positive experience and one I hope we can do again. Thank you to The British Council for the support and for sponsoring my visit here, I look forward to growing and developing the relationships between our shoemaking communities.”

The event was covered by ANC Early Edition.