Craft is Therapy

This week we've been celebrating International Stress Awareness Week!

This topic is really close to our hearts at I Can Make Shoes because we believe wholeheartedly that making things can be a form of therapy for some people and has certainly been an outlet for our founder Amanda over the years. Making things with your hands helps to distract us from the mundane task of everyday life and can help to connect us with others.

As Amanda explains; I find there to be something relaxing about just picking up a pair of scissors and carefully cutting something out. You’re not stressing about replying to that email or paying that bill or what you should cook for dinner. You are simply thinking about cutting neatly on the line and nothing else. I see this as a meditative action that gives my brain a break from the stresses of life, which lets face it, we need more often than not!


Even if shoemaking isn't your thing, I'd really recommend picking up a hobby if you are feeling stressed in your everyday life, once you find a craft you love it'll develop from something you WANT to do into something you NEED to do!


I created a free 40-minute online course called 'Introduction to Shoemaking' to show how easy home shoemaking can be and to give you a little taste of what I Can Make Shoes is all about. Sign up for instant access.