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so, what next?

My Online Footwear Masterclass is so much more than your average online course - It is an extension of the I Can Make Shoes studio, and let me tell you, it covers A-LOT. 🌟

The normal course value is $1590 but in an effort to make the course more accessible you can see our special prices below:

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This Online Footwear Masterclass comes with a 14 day money-back guarantee*

We know you're going to see the real value the moment you sign into this masterclass. And if you dont love what you see, you can take us up on our money-back guarantee.

So give it two weeks. If you don’t like what you see, simply email us and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Have any questions? Email us at info@icanmakeshoes.com*If you have already claimed your free shoemaking kit, this will void your money-back guarantee. So please watch through the course lessons first.

got questions?

We've got you! We have lessons within the course on how to make custom adjustments to your shoe lasts in order to get the perfect fit.

Oh hell yeah! We have a whole module dedicated to patternmaking, so you can design your own unique styles and make them from scratch.

Hi, we are real people - not robots 🤖
We answer your questions with descriptions, videos, and pictures inside the course. Aaaaaand you'll have access to our online community where you can share your makes, questions, and tips with fellow home shoemakers.

You betcha! We've taught this proven step-by-step process to total beginners for over a decade and already host thousands of students from all over the world.

Absolutely! While we mostly use leather for the demonstrations, you can follow the exact same steps using vegan materials. I even have a section on how to make shoes using scraps from your fabric stash. Plus all of the materials in the shoemaking kit are vegan friendly.

see what our students have to say...

"It was such an amazing experience! I never could have imagined to learn so much in such a short course. I will always be happy to say that I started my shoemaking journey with I Can Make Shoes!"


“THANK YOU SO MUCH! I absolutely loved the course. Amanda, you absolutely rock for starting your business to teach beginners. I’m going to tell everyone I meet to take your courses.”


“Thanks so much for all your help - I’m absolutely in love with my shoes, as is everyone else!”


“I can't praise the I Can Make Shoes team enough for their work. This course is well organised and delivered to a very high standard. Of all creative courses I've done none of them measure up to the course I completed here.”


'I Can Make Shoes' is a shoe school that was founded in London in 2010 with the aim to simplify the shoemaking process, giving complete beginners the skills to make their own shoes from home.

Fast-forward over a decade and the school has organically grown into an internationally renowned online learning platform servicing thousands of students from all over the world and has been recognised by major publications including the Financial Times.

I Can Make Shoes brings the craft of shoemaking into the at-home maker space and has completely transformed how people view shoemaking. This proven step-by-step process has allowed total beginners to turn their kitchen tables into their new shoemaking workshop - a concept never seen before in the shoemaking industry.

Amanda and her expert team of shoemakers now actively support their students from all over the world through their comprehensive online Footwear Masterclass - perfect for those looking for a new hobby, a career change or a way of finally getting a pair of shoes that fit.