Click on the image below to watch a short video on insocks.

Insocks or insole socks are one of the final touches to making a pair of shoes and are really important for making sure your shoes are comfortable, look great and fit well.

'Insocks' often get mistaken for 'insoles' but in the shoemaking world they are very different parts of the shoe. For example, the gel inserts you can pick up from a drugstore to make your shoes more comfortable, are technically insocks but most people will know them as insoles. Let me explain the difference...

Insoles are known as the heart of the shoe and they hold everything together. They are normally made from a thick cellulose board and for high heels the insoles include a metal shank for stability. The 'insock', which is normally made from fabric, leather, gel or foam is an addition that is inserted inside the shoes to cover up the insole/heel screws. Insocks are also a great opportunity to add comfort, branding and decoration.

The insock design is also really important to consider if you are wanting to start your own shoe brand. Despite the insock being hidden when worn on most styles, they are one of the first things that a customer will look at before they have even decided to try on the shoe. Most brands will choose to have an inconspicuous insock that blends in with the lining so as not to detract from the rest of the shoe, and some brands will choose something colourful and different to make them stand out from the others.

Below is an insock template pattern you can use for a range of different styles of shoe. It includes the pattern for the material and a slightly smaller template for the foam that will sit underneath it. The scale you'll want to print this at will depend on what size you need the insock to be.

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