Mastering Footwear 9
Mastering Footwear 9

10 Day Footwear Masterclass Program – New York


Over this 10-day intensive footwear course, the students will design and make a collection of 4 – 8 pairs of shoes.

Students will learn how to create a cohesive collection which showcases a strong design direction as well as covering important making techniques required for different styles of shoes.

Design is an important part of this course and we endeavor to have all of our students leave feeling confident at drawing shoes. Templates will be introduced into the mix and a range of hand sketching techniques applied.

There is also an element of theory in this course, ensuring students know how the industry works.

See below for a full course breakdown.



10 days: Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm.


: $4,830

Final payment will be taken in £GBP, this will not incur any extra charge. Please note that the course dates are formatted DD/MM/YYYY.

  • 10 days: Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm.
  • London
  • Included
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Want some more info?

Here is what will be covered in this 10 day intensive course: Day One:
  • Footwear Components
  • Moodboarding
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Collection assessment and design refinement
Day Two:
  • Pattern Making for full collection (This is one of the most important aspects of footwear design, especially when dealing with factories).
Day Three:
  • Leather shopping trip (This is to teach about how to choose the best materials for your designs, students are not obligated to buy anything)
  • Construction of uppers
Day Four:
  • Construction of uppers continued
  • Preparation of insoles
  • Lasting Lining for 2 - 4 pairs
Day Five:
  • Stiffeners for 2 - 4 pairs
  • Lasting Uppers for 2 - 4 pairs
Day Six:
  • Attaching soles and heels for 2 - 4 pairs
  • Insole socks and memory foam insoles for 2 - 4 pairs
  • Finishing touches on 2 - 4 pairs
Day Seven, Eight, Nine & Ten
  • Repeat all shoemaking steps for additional 2 - 4 pairs of shoes or boots.
There is also an element of theory in this course, ensuring students know how the industry works, including;
  • Footwear terminology
  • 3D Design
  • Pattern making
  • Footwear materials and supplies
  • Choosing the best leathers for your design
  • Factory procedures
  • Sampling
Students will be awarded a certificate as well as a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of the course. Both invaluable references when applying for work in the footwear industry.
All of the materials are included in the price, however if you have something special you would like to use feel free to bring it along with you. We use the highest quality leather, with a range of colours to choose from. We also have vegan alternatives including Piñatex available. If you are vegan please let us know beforehand so we are suitably prepared. For a full list of supplies, view our suppliers list
224 Roebling St Brooklyn, NY 11211 USA