Leather Sandal Making Course – New York


Leather Sandal Making 15
Leather Sandal Making 15

Leather Sandal Making Course – New York


In this half day workshop, you will learn how to make a pair of truly bespoke summer sandals and will walk out with your creations on your feet! Limited spaces available.



1/2 day; 10am - 2pm


: $280

Final payment will be taken in £GBP, this will not incur any extra charge. Please note that the course dates are formatted DD/MM/YYYY.

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  • 1/2 day; 10am - 2pm
  • Brooklyn, NYC.
  • Materials included
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Heres what will be covered in this course:
  • Create a sole pattern to ensure that your sandals fit your feet.
  • Cut leather insoles and soles.
  • Strap selection and style design.
  • Strap placement / Lasting the straps onto your insoles.
  • Fitting and size adjustments.
  • Adding your soles.
  • Finishing touches.
Materials Included
Brooklyn Shoe Space, New York.