Sandal Making Workshop

What is there to say about this particular workshop… Well let's start with the fact that we had eleven students each with two feet, meaning twenty-two individual sandals! It definitely was a tight squeeze in our little shoe making studio but also it made the atmosphere in the space extra vibrant, fun and full of giggles.

Within our group we had two sisters, one had booked as a birthday present for the other. We had two other separate groups of friends that decided to book in together (one group had all come on the recommendation of a past student), and a few individuals who were lucky enough to make some new buddies during the class.

With the first day of spring only three days around the corner we were inspired to gather some springtime tonal colours giving the group a really good opportunity to explore different texture variations and colour combos for their straps. One lady even matched her sandals to her own handmade jacket!

The Sandal making workshop does take quite a bit of prep on our end, but it’s totally worth it to have 11 super happy students able to walk out after only 4 hours with their own creations on their feet.