Student Profile - Lola Domecq

Lola first joined our 10 day 'Mastering Footwear' course last year and loved it!
She decided then and there that she was going to quit her corporate job and start her own shoe line.  

Staying true to her heritage, Lola Domecq shoes are designed in London and made in Spain by some of the most remarkable artisans.

Celebrating careful workmanship in a time where so many products are mass-produced, each pair is fully made with materials sourced from local Spanish businesses and hand made in Alicante.
A fair and sustainable production that supports Spanish businesses is key to her brand.

Here's what Lola had to say about her experience at I CAN MAKE SHOES:

"I took the 10 day course in mastering footwear with I CAN MAKE SHOES, and what can I say... I absolutely loved it!

As soon as I decided to sign up for the course my shoe dream venture started to take shape, I am so grateful to have taken this course and have met Amanda. Not only did she teach me many techniques, I was also inspired by her.

Thank you Amanda" - Lola 2016