Student Profile - Devika Bharadwaj

Devika joined our 10 day 'Mastering Footwear' course back in 2014, and before long she was open for business!

She started her shoe brand Devika Bharadwaj in 2015, an eponymous shoe label that offers luxurious, handcrafted shoes for the fashion-conscious women of India.

Headquartered in her home, Mumbai, her products are designed, sourced and produced in the city; allowing each shoe a touch of local expertise.

Devika was brilliant to have as a student, she was very hands on and has a great sense of style which really came through when she designed and made a fun and on trend collection. All the while taking notes and not missing a beat when it came to learning the steps. I was not surprised at all to see her brand become a great success in a reasonably short amount of time.

Here's what Devika had to say about her experience at I CAN MAKE SHOES:

"The Mastering Footwear course was just the inspiration I needed to start my own shoe label. Amanda is an amazing teacher. She helped breakdown the process to ensure I understood the most vital concepts and got the most out of the course. She even answered some of my shoe making queries after. Definitely recommended for anyone looking to enter the shoe industry or even picking up a great new hobby." - Devika, 2017