Student Profile – Mariam Rehman

Mariam first joined our 3 day 'Start your future in footwear' course back in 2012, since then she has devoted herself to growing her shoe empire!

She started her shoe brand Stratford Street Shoes, inspired from her time in London, and now she produces hand made shoes soulfully designed and handcrafted in her home, Pakistan.

Mariam is truly an inspiration, she joined our 3 day course back in 2012 (before we offered our 10 day course designed to help people start their own shoe businesses). All she had was an idea and a love of shoes and now she is the owner of an internationally successful footwear brand. 

I remember meeting Mariam, she brought me some heels and embellishments from a shoe market in Pakistan and she told me she wanted to start her own brand. I love meeting people like this, she is ambitious, smart and truly wonderful to be around. It came as no surprise to me that she became a huge success back home in Pakistan in no time at all!

Here's what Mariam had to say about her experience at I CAN MAKE SHOES:

"When I took the 3 day footwear course with Amanda, I had just come with the intention of learning the shoemaking process. Being the inspiration she is, not only did she give me great insights into the whole process, she also encouraged me to start up my own brand and since then, my brand has transformed from being an online presence to a physical studio for footwear. So kudos to a great program and an amazing mentor❤" - Mariam 2017