First things first, you’ll need some shoemaking lasts in your desired size, heel height and shape.

We sell them on our online supply shop, if you don’t see the style you want, just let us know and we will source it for you.

You’ll need some general things to get you started too, you can get this at your local craft shop.

Paper, masking tape, pencil & eraser, ruler, scissors, silver gel pen, craft knife, glue pot & spatula, kids craft foam, cork filler (optional), hammer, rubber crepe.

We use Janome 1600P in our workshop, but any household machine should be fine.

We recommend using a denim needle and a nylon or polyester thread.

You can use our method of shoe making with any materials but leather is recommended.

Our Vegan material of choice is Pinatex.

For the shoe uppers our leather recommendation is no thicker than 2mm and get something that has a stretch to it. Cow, Lamb, Pig skins are all great place to start.

We like to use a pin skin for the lining as it’s a very breathable skin, however you can use anything.

For the soles we use a Veg Tanned cow hide leather approximately 2- 3mm thick.

Our Fav leather shops in London are:

JT Batchelor for the soles
Walter Reginald for uppers and linings.

Both of the glues that we use are from the German brand Renia. They are both Vegan.

We use the non-toxic for 90% of the shoemaking process and the extra strong stuff for attaching the soles.

The non-toxic glue is called Aquilim 315 and the extra strong stuff is called Colle de Cologne.

We usually buy these glues from Algeos or Amazon. If you can’t access these specific glues you can get any contact adhesive. Try contacting your local shoe repairer and asking them what they use and where they get it.

We use thermoplastic toe puff and counter stiffeners and sell them in packs of 5 in our online supply shop.

We’ve got customisable insoles with shanks for sale in our online supply shop and also texon board tiles for flat shoes.

For the soles we use a Veg Tanned cow hide leather approximately 2- 3mm thick.

We also sell sneaker soles, espadrille soles, and leather sandal soles in our online supply shop.

Horrah! Heels are the trickiest component to find and we’ve got‘em!

Check out our online supply shop to see our selection of heels which fit our lasts perfectly 🙂

Eyelets, zips, buckles, studs etc – we like to get these from London Trimmings but also check what you can get online. Amazon is a great place to get things like this.

Here is a list of other shoe making tools which can come in handy but are non-essential.

You can buy these online on Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc..

Clicking Knife
Safety Beveler
Lasting Pin
Leather Hole Punch
Cutting Mat