Leather soles (vegetan) 3
Leather soles (vegetan) 3
Leather Sandal Insole & Sole Set - Beige
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Leather soles (vegetan) 7
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Leather Sandal Insole & Sole Set – Natural


Leather sandal insole & sole set, suitable up to a women’s size UK 7.

As requested by our lovely students we now sell our leather sandal sole sets. These are exactly the same as the sets we use in our popular leather sandal making class.

The set comes pre cut and shaped in a large size UK 7 ready to be cut down to whatever size you need.

Set includes:
2x soles with heel tips attached.
2x matching insoles.
(sandal straps not included).

Once assembled heel height measures approximately 10mm high.

For instructions on how to make your own sandals from home, view our sandal making online guide here >>

*Sold in pairs

**Top tip – We recommend you cut your insoles and soles down to size from the toe down.

*Can be used as soles ( widest point 10cm, length 27.5cm)

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