Premium Shoemaking Lasts – Mid Heels


Premium hinged wooden mid heel lasts with a round toe.

These lasts are made in England from high quality beech wood.

Why chose wooden lasts over plastic? Whilst wooden lasts are durable and fit for purpose they will not leave their footprint on the planet like a pair of plastic lasts will. Wood will biodegrade much faster than plastic. Theses wooden lasts are un-lacquered which means no harmful chemicals have been used in their manufacture. The metal hinge component inside the lasts is a fully recyclable material.

And as an added bonus wooden lasts look so good in your workspace!

Approximate heel heights for each size are as follows:
2 – 45mm
3 – 48mm
4 – 51mm
5 – 55mm
6 – 58mm
7 – 61mm
8 – 65mm
9 – 68mm

All lasts are made to order so please allow approximately 4-5 weeks for delivery.

Also available in half sizes, please specify at the checkout notes.

*Each order includes the ‘last bottom pattern’

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