Sustainable Shoes for Fashion Revolution Day

We're marking Fashion Revolution Day 2019 with the launch of our new sustainable option for vegan shoemaking.

It seems like everyone and their nana is vegan right now, hey if it’s good enough for Beyoncé there might just be something in it, and while we love a good trend we also believe that there are some things that aren’t just gimmicks but actually walk the talk. And when it comes to sustainable options this is a walk and talk we’re passionate about providing for our I Can Make Shoes community. With Fashion Revolution leading the way for sustainable and ethic fashion, we're humbled and proud to know that our course help empower women in the art of making while cutting down on the issues mass produced fashion can cause. Our teachers and students are at the heart of what we do and from our International Women's Day feature on 16 students to our 'Meet the Teacher series' we love to answer the question "Who made my shoes?".

Our latest innovation allows for 100% vegan shoes, sandals and boots to be created on our courses through the fruity addition of pinatex (a sustainable material made from pineapple fibre) to our studio store. From sumptuous platinum tones made for owning the dance floor to neutral hues made for bagging the dream job – we’re rooting for you girl – the options available for shoemaking have never looked so good.

Made from the durable leaves of the pineapple plant each fibre that gets transformed into vegan leather is spun and treated to create a finished product that is malleable, waterproof and perfect for your next pair of fab flats or chunky heeled boots.

This pair made by our London based course instructor P features our new clear acrylic heel and can be replicated on our June Custom Boot Making course.

I created a free 40-minute online course called 'Introduction to Shoemaking' to show how easy home shoemaking can be and to give you a little taste of what I Can Make Shoes is all about. Sign up for instant access.