This weeks ‘Get Inspired’ shoe project was made using paints from @AngelusPaintUK

Something we get asked all the time is what paint we recommend for painting leather shoes and our go to paint is almost always @AngelusPaintUK I really love this brand because the paint is perfect for painting shoes and in this case cherries on some leather sandals 🙂

Before I go on to tell you all about the project and the exact colours I used, I know people will be wondering what I suggest to get started.. Angelus actually sell a leather acrylic paint basics kit which is ideal for painting shoes, wallets, belts, bags, sofas etc so I think that would be a great place to start if you’re wanting to give it a try.

Ok so this style of sandals is actually the same style that I teach on day 2 of my Free mini-course ‘Sandal making in 15-mins’, so it's really nice to see how the same style can look so different by just adding a little cherry themed paint job and I am SOOOO happy with how they turned out 🙂

We used a Veg Tan Leather for the sole and insole and a thinner veg tan white leather for the straps. We then used a cotton tip (lol so profesh) to paint on the cherries. Full disclosure, I’ve had these paints for a while and had decanted them at some point because I think they had been either watered down a bit or perhaps we had added a little bit of Angelus duller paint additives to them.. Honestly, I can't exactly remember what we did to them, but I do know that the colours we used were; 

Angelus acrylic leather paint Green 050

Angelus acrylic leather paint Red 064

Angelus acrylic leather paint Flat White 105

We’re seeing so much in the way of painted trainers so I just thought it would be cool to show another way that leather paints could be used to really uplift a super simple shoe style. 

You’ll also notice that I used a leather randing (mock welt) around the edge to give them a more well-finished look. This is something that you see a lot in boots and traditional derbys and oxfords but I love seeing randing on sandals and heels too. That’s what I love about being able to make my own shoes, you’ve got the freedom to play around with the materials as much as you like.

I hope this project inspires you to think outside the box when creating your shoe designs, and particularly to think about other hobbies (such as painting) and imagine ways you can incorporate them into your designs!

So you can check out Angelus Paints if you want to give it a try, I’ve linked their instagram and website below. *Side note, the UK supplier of Angelus is Charles Birch, which is the largest stockist of shoe components and shoe care items in the UK and we’ve been buying from them for years 🙂


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Happy Shoemaking 

Amanda xx

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