We're kicking off #MeMadeMay with the start of our new in-house series of makes to help get you inspired to do some 'Me Made Shoes!' Wooooooooop!! 🤩

Why you may ask? Well, over the past year we've had lots of you lovely people join our Online Footwear Masterclass and now that so many of you know the basic of how to make shoes, we thought it was time to step it up a notch and get those creative juices flowing with some inspo pieces to spark your imagination!

This pair is a perfect example of taking the foundations of the basic court shoe ("pump" for our friends in the states) and adding in some patchworking to make your own shoes in a design that looks much more elevated 🌟 (Plus it reminded us of ice-cream 🍦so we were 100% here for this!).

We started by tracing a classic court shoe ("pump") design on the last, then simply drew on each of the panels before cutting them off the last separately to create the pattern pieces. Honestly, the hardest part was deciding which colour went where!

Once we had cut out all the pieces for the upper we simply taped them back together to create one piece for the lining pattern - easy! Once you stitch together the separate panels to create the upper you simply stitch the patchworked piece to the lining just like you would with any other court shoe/pump.

Thats the thing about making your own shoes and shoemaking in general, once you know how to make shoes then it becomes much easier to put your own spin on it. That is really my hope for this series to inspire beginner shoemakers to get creative and push their shoemaking boundaries.

So with that in mind… what about those heels?!? Heels are one of the trickier components to source, and just because the shape is already set it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with those too! Playing around with the heel covering can be a really great way of switching up the look. In this case what is actually a very simple block heel, is transformed with the different colours and textures of the patchwork leather. 

While we’re on the topic of the heels, I’ve got a confession to make! Oooops! I originally cut the colours of the heels around the wrong way but luckily I noticed just before I went to stitch them together.. it was totally worth redoing them because the pink section at the heel of the upper blending into the heel really ties it all together. 

I know I ALWAYS say this.. 😂 but this is now my favourite pair of shoes ever! 🌟🌸🍦

Want to watch them being made? WATCH THE MAKING VIDEO