The Perfect Wedding Shoes

You may have seen some of our students occasionally make their own wedding shoes during our courses. We shout it from the rooftops because making your own shoes is really just the best thing ever – even if they’re for everyday, let alone your wedding day.

This time the wedding shoes we’re talking about were made by founder Amanda for her Best friend Kate all the way back over in Aus... No pressure there Amanda!

After a few phone calls to discuss design, fit and comfort with Kate, Amanda decided to go for the upcycled route of taking an old pair of unwanted platforms and pulling them apart…a VERY fun process as its actually the complete opposite of what we do everyday here.

From the designs that Kate was talking about she knew she already had the exact same shape (in her size) at home. There was no need to unnecessarily buy extra components not to mention the more sustainable side of this! ?

“I suggested silver from the get go and it took a little persuading but Kate finally fell in love with the idea of shiny silver leather.”

The finishing touches were a surprise for the bride & groom this time with their names embossed into the soles because, why not? Wedding shoes should be personal!

Et Voila…

Some pretty kick ass bridal shoes that will see Kate through the day with comfort and heaps of good luck!

“It was such a beautiful experience to have an idea for my wedding shoes and to see them come to life.”



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