Travel Diary - Bali, Indonesia.

Having spent Christmas with my family in Bali this year, I thought I would take the opportunity to see what the city had to offer (in shoemaking that is).

I have to admit I wasn't really wearing shoes for most of the trip, so I was very pleased to discover that Bali has a growing scene for hand made sandals.

It was deep in the back corner of a Sunday market in Canggu that I found a very chic pair of hand made leather sandals, I was so shocked that this stall wasn't front and centre because in my opinion the products were by far the best thing in the Market.

Travel Diary - Bali, Indonesia.

The sizing was a little off (I usually wear a 37 and had to get myself a size 39) but other than that the shoes are simple, classic and a total steal at only £15.00, no negotiations necessary. Even the branding was on point with a simple leather stamp debossed on the insole.

Travel Diary - Bali, Indonesia. 1

I'll be keeping an eye on the footwear scene in Bali because I have a feeling we will be seeing some exciting new brands being produced there over the next few years.