'I Do' Shoes

Finding your perfect pair of wedding shoes can either be the dreamiest experience ever or a retail nightmare straight out of Bridezilla. From not being able to find wedding shoes that you like to the moment you realise none of the shoes you’ve tried so far actually fit you right; what should be a sparkly ‘tap your ruby heels with glee like Dorothy’ moment can quickly become one of your biggest wedding planning headaches.

But hey, what’s a little pre-wedding drama. Well actually it’s a lot. When you’re planning the ceremony of your dreams we think it’s only fair that a girl gets to have one less thing to worry about. Call us crazy but we think the only thing you need to be focused on exchanging on your big day are your vows, and not the shoes that are pinching and rubbing with every step you take.

And while we’re here can we also talk about the fact that most women will visit on average three boutiques, thanks for the number crunching Hitched, so after all that hard work to find the perfect dress why not get your shoes right in one go.

Making Your Dream Wedding Shoes

Step forward the perfect solution to your wedding shoe conundrums; making your own wedding shoes. That’s right, you can make the shoes of your dream and unlike our girl Cinderella, when the clock strikes midnight this glass slipper will still be going strong and you’ll also have an awesome pair of shoes to keep for all those married couple date nights. They'll be just as unique as your partner and just as striking as you. They'll be framed to fit your feet perfectly and built just the way you like it.

Quite frankly it’s a win, win situation.

From classic styles to glitter filled heels, the options for what you can create are just as varied and awesome as the brides we get to teach. Our popular three-day shoemaking course is the perfect opportunity to make your ‘I Do’ shoes and with dates running all year it makes for the perfect engagement gift, hen party (did somebody say maid of honour making her perfect shoes too?) and wedding shoe options.

Big day coming up? Get in touch and let us help you create you perfect pair of shoes

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