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We have packed together all of the essentials and hard to find tools in one neat box for your convenience :)

This kit includes...

Masking tape
Mostly used for the patternmaking stages.

Silver pen 
Nothing too fancy here...the silver pen is perfect for tracing around your patterns

Sandpaper file
Used for smoothing out the edges of soles or roughing up the surface of smooth soling ready for glueing.

Folding Hammer
One of our favourite shoe tools. It gets its name from the process of folding toplines, but we also like to use it to smooth out stiffeners when they are too hot to touch by hand.

Shoemakers Scissors
You can use most scissors to cut through leather or fabric but this pair are particularly great for shoemaking.

An awl is great for pricking through patterns and it's also helpful for piercing small holes through leather.

Rubber crepe
We use this for cleaning excess glue off the finished shoes.

Shoemakers Tape Measure
We love this mini tape measure as it's the perfect size for shoemaking.

Craft Knife
A universal must have for all crafts. BE CAREFUL breaking off the blades - made sure you snap them off away from you.

Safety Beveler & Spare Blades
Our all time favourite tool is the safety beveller - it makes shaving away excess material and bulk super easy.

Small Spatula
These spatulas take us back to being at school - they are perfect for applying the shoemaking glues.

Water Based Shoemaking glue (Cipaqua 200g)
We used this glue for 90% of all the shoemaking processes. It is a vegan, non-toxic contact-adhesive and works best with leather.

Solvent Based Shoemaking glue (Cipasol 2603STH 125ml)
This glue (also vegan) is stronger than the water based glue. We use it for attaching soles or when working with vegan leather or plastic/rubber. This glue is toxic so we recommend opening a window or working in a well ventilated room when you are using it.


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