3-Day Shoemaking Course

Our signature I Can Make Shoes 3-day workshop! 🌟

Hosted in our lovely London studio, we're opening doors to a limited number of students who want to learn the craft of shoemaking.

Discover more details below about our 3-Day Intensive Shoemaking Course and sign up to the waitlist to receive your VIP invitation as soon as we release new dates.

Learn to make shoes | I Can Make Shoes
Shoemaking course | I Can Make Shoes
First pair of handmade shoes | I Can Make Shoes
Handmade Loafer Shoes | I Can Make Shoes
shoemaking course | I Can Make Shoes
shoe making course | I Can Make Shoes
Handmade Shoes | I Can Make Shoes
Shoemaking course | I Can Make Shoes
Shoemaking Course | I Can Make Shoes
Shoemaking Course | I Can Make Shoes
Shoemaking Course | I Can Make Shoes


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Course Dates
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Important Information

LOCATION: Bethnal Green, London UK
DURATION OF COURSE: Three full days
TIME: 10am - 4pm daily


Course structure

Day 1
You will dive into the fascinating world of shoemaking components and materials. You’ll be able to handpick your preferred colours from our selection of leathers. This day will also introduce you to the art of closing, the process of sewing your uppers together.

Day 2
You will mould and shape the uppers into shoes, and see your creation take form as your skills progress.

Day 3
On the final day of the workshop, you will add the finishing touches to your shoes. Learn to attach soles, heels, and refine every intricate detail before trying them on.


What shoes will you make?

Below is a list of styles we offer on our course. You'll have the chance to make one pair during this workshop. Please note that although we may refer to our lasts (shoe blocks) as "women's" or "men's" lasts, all of our styles are unisex and are available in a wide range of sizes.


High-Heel Styles
Size Range: EU 34 - 44 / UK 1 - 11 / US 4 - 14



Mid-Heel Styles
Size Range: EU 34 - 44 / UK 1 - 11 / US 4 - 14


Flat Styles
Size Range: EU 34 - 44 / UK 1 - 11 / US 4 - 14



Traditional Men's Styles
Size Range: EU 40 - 45 / UK 6 - 11 / US 9 - 14

Step into the world of shoemaking in our 3-Day Shoemaking Workshop, based in the heart of London. Over the past 13 years, we’ve taught this 5-star rated course to thousands of people, and successfully trained complete beginners in the craft of shoemaking, transforming their passion into a tangible skill.

Many of our students have returned to our course multiple times, either to enhance their existing shoemaking abilities or explore new shoe styles. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond teaching; we ensure that our 3-day shoemaking courses maintain small class sizes, guaranteeing personalised attention and dedicated 1-to-1 time with our expert instructor.

During this workshop, you will craft your very own pair of shoes from scratch. With a diverse selection of over 15 shoe styles to choose from, the course is thoughtfully structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of the shoemaking process.

Did you know?

Enrolment is currently closed for our in person workshop - but if you want to get started right away then our online Footwear Masterclass might be perfect for you.

Inside, we have over 15 lessons covering 9 different styles of shoes. They are super easy to follow and include things like how to make boots, sneakers, sandals, mules etc.

On top of this, the course also has a huge library of tutorials (145 videos to be exact) on things like custom fitting, working with different materials, and general shoemaking tips & tricks.

Discover more details about our online Footwear Masterclass here.