Mastering Footwear 9
Mastering Footwear 9

Mastering Footwear


Suitable Students: Total beginners or professionals in the field of footwear that wish to learn the I CAN MAKE SHOES technique.

Over this 10-day intensive footwear course, the students will design and make a collection of 4 – 8 pairs of shoes.

Students will document the process of their collection from mood boarding through to finished products, these images will be used to put together a portfolio of work, which will be printed and presented to each student on the final day.

There is also an element of theory in this course, ensuring students know how the industry works, including;

• Footwear terminology
• 3D Design
• Pattern making
• Footwear materials and supplies
• Choosing the best leathers for your design
• Factory procedures
• Sampling

Students will be awarded a certificate as well as a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of the course. Both invaluable references when applying for work in the footwear industry.

Duration: 10 days. Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm
Location: London
Materials: Included
Cost: £3,200

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  • 10 days. Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm.
  • London
  • Included