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Books and kits

Let us do the thinking for you. Choose from our pre-made kits and books below.


Lasts are shoe-shaped blocks that determine the heel height, shape and size of the shoes you make.They are essential to the shoemaking process. Making sandals? Skip this section, we like to make them directly on the foot.

Insole materials

The insole is the backbone of the shoe and sits beneath the foot. You’ll need shanked insoles for mid or high heels and texon board for flat shoes.


Stiffeners are inserted within the upper to give shape and structure to the shoes. Making open/strappy shoes? Great, you won’t need stiffeners.

Soles & Heels

Horrah! Heels and soles are the trickiest component to find and we've got'em!

Tools & Glue

If you are a total beginner we would recommend our basic tool kit or if you’d like to buy them individually we have them listed below.

Extra Bits & Bobs

Because why not?

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